Passive Programming as a Pathway: How to Engage with Heavily Scheduled Patrons

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It can be difficult to create academic library programs and exhibits that are interactive, scholarly, and popular. This is especially challenging at our academic library, where there is an exceptionally heavy demand for student time. This makes finding an acceptable time to host a library program particularly difficult. This poster presents a successful initiative at the USMA library: The Tiny Art Show “Magnificent Miniatures.” Several librarians worked together to create a passive library program that was then used to produce a major art exhibit. This collaboration allowed students to create original artwork and engage with one another, the exhibit, and the library collection in a unique and scholarly way. Ultimately, this art exhibit was digitized, which provided further engagement outside of the library and across the wider campus community. Importantly, all of this happened at the library and accommodated available student time.
Library Programming, Library Marketing, Library Exhibits, Archival Engagement, Passive Programming, Academic Libraries
Mullooly, Lori, Jennifer Chess and Lisa Gomez. “Passive Programming as a Pathway: How to Engage with Heavily Scheduled Patrons.” Poster presented at the 2023 SLA Annual Conference, Virtual, May 16, 2023.