Surveillance Coverage and Vulnerability Awareness Concepts for Tactical Swarms

Currently light infantry soldiers do not have access to many of their cyber resources the moment they depart the forward operating base (FOB). Commanders with recent combat experience have reported on the dearth of computing abilities once a mission is underway. To address this, our group seeks to develop a tactical, mobile cloud implemented on a swarm of semi-autonomous robots. In this paper, we propose a pattern recognition approach to network vulnerability assessment applied to a tactical swarm of robots to enhance their strategy for surveillance coverage. Our work enhances network-enabled persistent surveillance within a dynamic, mobile domain via the implementation of sensor awareness concepts.
Forward Operating Base (FOB), Robots
Jousselme, Anne-Laure; Larkin, Dominic; Huggins, Kevin; Léchevin, Nicolas; and Maupin, Patrick, "Surveillance Coverage and Vulnerability Awareness Concepts for Tactical Swarms" (2012).