Tires & Tribulations: A Moral Evaluation Of Firestone’s Actions In Liberia’s Civil War

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This study provides a moral assessment of Firestone—a multinational rubber manufacturer—and its operations in Liberia during the Liberian civil war. It examines Firestone’s history, especially as it pertains to Liberia, and traces key developments in the Liberian conflict and Firestone operations. Examining journalistic reporting and criticism of the company’s actions, the author argues that Firestone’s actions during the Liberian civil war were, to a great degree, immoral.
Cadet Mercedez Fernandez is from both Gilbert, Arizona, and Cody, Wyoming. She is a First Class Cadet at the United States Military Academy. CDT Fernandez is the Military Development Officer of Golf Company, Second Regiment. She has been a part of the West Point Glee Club, Army Powerlifting, as well as her company’s Sandhurst and grappling teams. She presented her paper, “Tires & Tribulations: A Moral Evaluation of Firestone’s Actions in Liberia’s Civil War,” at the 2021 Ethics of War and Peace Conference. In May 2023, she will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Portuguese. She will commission as a Field Artillery officer, and her first unit will be in the 173rd Airborne Brigade.
Political Science and Security Studies
Fernandez, Mercedez. “Tires & Tribulations: A Moral Evaluation Of Firestone’s Actions In Liberia’s Civil War.” West Point Journal of Politics and Security 1, no. 2 (28-39).