A Study Of Vertical Writing Surfaces At West Point

This study was commissioned by the Vice Deans for Academics and Resources at West Point and led by Colonel Raymond Kimball, director of Faculty Learning, Innovation, Collaboration, and Research. The study assessed current Vertical Writing Surface (VWS) use throughout the institution. This study can inform classroom design decisions to facilitate student learning and provide faculty with the best resources to relay ideas to students. The study also compares VWS preference by academic discipline, STEM vs. non-STEM, and faculty vs. student. Finally, the study considers resource constraints with respect to cost, time, and maintenance efforts...
Classroom Design
Ender, Morten G., Raymond A. Kimball, Rachel M. Sondheimer, and Jakob C. Bruhl. 2021. Teaching and Learning the West Point Way: Educating the Next Generation of Leaders. Routledge.