Teaching and Learning the West Point Way: Educating the Next Generation of Leaders

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Teaching and Learning the West Point Way is a unique compendium of the best teaching and learning practices from one of the most celebrated and storied undergraduate teaching and learning environments and institutions in America – the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, USA. Drawing on the broad academic curriculum that the students follow at West Point – in addition to military leadership, character development, and competitive athletics – this book describes proven and effective undergraduate pedagogy across a number of academic disciplines. Case studies, strategies and techniques, empirical teaching and learning research results, syllabi, and assignments developed and deployed by West Point faculty are included, which faculty in other higher education institutions can adapt and apply to their own programs and courses. An accompanying companion website provides videos of classroom, laboratory, and fieldwork teaching and learning activities, as well as additional syllabi, course guides, lesson plans, and PowerPoint activity and lecture slides. This is an opportunity to gain an in-depth insight into the programs and practices inside one of the world’s premier leadership development and educational institutions. It should appeal to new and experienced faculty and administrators interested in course creation and syllabus design across a wide range of disciplines in educational institutions and military academies across the globe.
Ender, Morten G., Raymond A. Kimball, Rachel M. Sondheimer, and Jakob C. Bruhl (editors). Teaching and Learning the West Point Way: Educating the Next Generation of Leaders (1st edition - London & NY: Routledge).