An Experiential Exercise for Teaching Theories of Work Motivation: Using a Game to Teach Equity and Expectancy Theories

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Purpose This paper aims to provide an experiential exercise for management and leadership educators to use in the course of their teaching duties. Design/methodology/approach The approach of this classroom teaching method uses an experiential exercise to teach Adams’ equity theory and Vroom’s expectancy theory. Findings This experiential exercise has proven useful in teaching two major theories of motivation and is often cited as one of the more memorable classes students experience. Originality/value To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this is an original experiential exercise for teaching the equity and expectancy theories of motivation.
Work motivation, Equity theory, Expectancy theory, Experiential exercise
Jordon Swain & Kevin Kumlien & Andrew Bond, 2020. "An experiential exercise for teaching theories of work motivation: using a game to teach equity and expectancy theories," Organization Management Journal, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, vol. 17(3), pages 119-132, July.