Report: West Point Undergraduate Historical Review, Volume 003, Issue 2 (Spring 2013)

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    Report: West Point Undergraduate Historical Review Spring 2013
    (West Point Press, 2013) Editing Team; N/A
    Report is a non-profit publication produced by undergraduate cadets at the United States Military Academy. It accepts and encourages submissions from undergraduates year-round. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.
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    Front Matter
    (West Point Press, 2013) Editing Team; N/A
    The Editorial Board would like to thank the faculty of the History Department for their submission recommendations, all the students who submitted papers, and Major Gregory Tomlin for his extensive guidance and technical support. Without their help, Report would not have been possible.
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    North And South: The Diverging Paths of George Thomas and John Pemberton
    (West Point Press, 2013) Shoen, Matthew; N/A
    Matthew Shoen is pursuing a double major in History and Creative Writing from St. Lawrence University where he is entering his senior year and hoping to pursue an honors project on the interaction between Ancient Rome and 18th century Britain. Interested in the American Civil War since reading Shelby Foote’s three part narrative on the subject, Matthew wrote this paper for his Civil War and Reconstruction class in the Fall 2012.
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    Three Months Of Bloodshed: Strategy And Combat During The Battle Of Shanghai
    (West Point Press, 2013) Paulose, James; N/A
    James Paulose is a junior studying Government and History at Georgetown University. He wrote this paper for a course on conflict in Asia to analyze military strategy during the Second Sino-Japanese War. James chose to write about the Battle of Shanghai after studying with Dr. Phillip A. Karber, an Asian military history and national security expert, in the Fall 2012.
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    The Spanish Ulcer: British Cooperation During The Peninsular War
    (West Point Press, 2013) Sutter, Sean D.; N/A
    Sean D. Sutter is a junior studying Military History at the United States Military Academy. He wrote this paper for a course over the evolution of warfare during the Napoleonic Wars. Sutter found the British military’s ability to cooperate in great depth with their Spanish and Portuguese counterparts during the Peninsular War to be unique, compared to other coalitions that faced Napoleon that were notorious for their lack of cooperation with one another.
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    The Boer War: A Counterinsurgency
    (West Point Press, 2013) Boroff, Austen; N/A
    Austen is a junior studying International History at the United States Military Academy. She wrote this paper as an independent war studies project during her semester abroad at Trinity College, Dublin. This paper was part of a combined project analyzing the war utilizing both a counterinsurgency and insurgency model.
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    The Power Of The Clown: The Comedian As A Practical Political Mouthpiece
    (West Point Press, 2013) Ross, Rebekah Elizabeth; N/A
    Rebekah is a sophomore studying History at the University of Michigan. She wrote this essay for a course on representations of Nazism in popular culture. Her essay examines comedy's role in political discourse, primarily in the case of Charlie Chaplin's film The Great Dictator. Rebekah decided to focus on comedy in this context to combine two of her interests: classical Hollywood cinema and war history.
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    The Origins Of Oppression: Shi’i Marginalization Under The Tazimat
    (West Point Press, 2013) Fromson, James; N/A
    James Fromson is a senior at Amherst College. A native New Yorker, he is interested in government and foreign policy. James spent last semester studying Middle Eastern politics and history at the American University of Beirut, an experience upon which his paper on the Arab Shi’a draws.
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    Calvin’s Crown: The Reformed Faith and The Rise Of The Hohenzollerns
    (West Point Press, 2013) Mitchell, Peter C; N/A
    Second Lieutenant Peter Mitchell graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in International History. He wrote and defended this article as his senior thesis in the Spring 2012. Peter’s thesis earned him the West Point History Department’s Major John Alexander Hottell, III Award for excellence in research and writing in European History.