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Army Cyber Institute
Science Fiction Prototypes are science fiction stories based on future trends, technologies, economics, and cultural change. The story you are about to read is based on threatcasting research from the Army Cyber Institute at West Point and Arizona State University’s Threatcasting Lab. Our story does not shy away from a dystopian vision of tomorrow. Exploring these dark regions inspires us to build a better, stronger, and more secure future for our Armed Forces. Once a year, Americans sit down to a Thanksgiving meal that unites us in gratitude for our safety and security. As many follow the celebration with a football game or an after-dinner nap, our defense automated supply chain never sleeps. Our economy is becoming more and more automated. Between global supply chains and high frequency trading, our national and economic security is increasingly dependent on automation and AI. But what safeguards monitor the machines that we depend upon? On Thanksgiving Day 2027, robots and algorithms will hyper-efficiently run our supply chains, but are these systems themselves secure?
Graphic Novel
Johnson, Brian David. "11-25-2027". Army Cyber Institute. 2018.