Developing Students' “Habits of Mind” in a Mathematics Program

We discuss approaches to develop and improve habits of mind in our students. Several illustrations and strategies are offered and we demonstrate how popular culture and mystery can be used to motivate students. We offer an approach to assessing the work ethic efforts of our students based on an historical approach used at the United States Military Academy.
Habits of mind, Creativity, Work ethic, Thinking interdependently, Critical thinking, Lifelong learning, Curiosity
Peter C. Charbonneau , Heather A. Jackson , Gerald C. Kobylski , Jonathan W. Roginski , Charles A. Sulewski & Frank Wattenberg (2009) Developing Students' “Habits of Mind” in a Mathematics Program, PRIMUS, 19:2, 105-126, DOI: 10.1080/10511970802409040