Healthcare market segmentation and data mining: A systematic review

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Providing insight into healthcare consumers’ behaviors and attitudes is critical information in an environment where healthcare delivery is moving rapidly towards patient-centered care that is premised upon individuals becoming more active participants in managing their health. A systematic review of the literature concerning healthcare market segmentation and data mining identified several areas for future health marketing research. Common themes included: (a) reliance on survey data, (b) clustering methods, (c) limited classification modeling after clustering, and (d) detailed analysis of clusters by demographic data. Opportunities exist to expand health-marketing research to leverage patient level data with advanced data mining methods.
Healthcare market segmentation, Data mining, Systematic review
Eric R. Swenson, Nathaniel D. Bastian & Harriet B. Nembhard (2018) Healthcare market segmentation and data mining: A systematic review, Health Marketing Quarterly, 35:3, 186-208, DOI: 10.1080/07359683.2018.1514734