Discrete Zombie Apocalypse: A Mathematical Modeling Course Project

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For undergraduate mathematical modeling courses, a successful semester project can reinforce key learning objectives while enabling creativity and developing critical thinking skills. However, course directors often struggle in developing novel project ideas and balancing the tradeoff between grading burden and project complexity. At the U.S Military Academy, we take an open-ended and discovery-learning approach to the freshman level math modeling project. This article outlines one successful project involving a Zombie Apocalypse scenario along with student responses. To assist the students, we promote flexibility, scaffold the modeling process with in-progress reviews, and train students on how to write concise executive summaries.
Mathematical model, writing, course project, discovery learning
Andrew C. Lee, Frank Czerniakowski, Kyle McDermott & Jeremy Reynolds (2023) Discrete Zombie Apocalypse: A Mathematical Modeling Course Project, PRIMUS, 33:8, 841-860, DOI: 10.1080/10511970.2023.2189335