Engineering a Traitor

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Army Cyber Institute
Science Fiction Prototypes are science fiction stories based on future trends, technologies, economics, and cultural change. The story you are about to read is based on threatcasting research from the Army Cyber Institute at West Point and Arizona State University’s Threatcasting Lab. Our story does not shy away from a dystopian vision of tomorrow. Exploring these dark regions inspires us to build a better, stronger, and more secure future for our Armed Forces. Insider threats in industry can cost millions a year in lost revenue. Insider threats in the military may cost lives. Service members are trained to detect warning signs and potential indicators. Yet as technology evolves, the manner in which troops within our force might be recruited and radicalized might also look different. We cannot just focus on countering what an adversary can bring to bear on the battlefield, but also their influencing operations that might take place years before the first shot is fired in un-expected means. The attack plain is widening. In the future, physical and cyber attacks might be combined to generate even more devastating effects.
Johnson, Brian David, "Engineering a Traitor" (2018).