Reflection on Oral Quizzes

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In this article we reflect o n a n instructional technique piloted in our discrete mathematics course this past semester. Motivated by a desire for students to better prepare for class and for them to receive adaptive feedback, we introduced oral quizzes as a check on preparation. We observed oral quizzes to be a good inspiration for out of class reading and practice, they forced students to practice oral and written communication of mathematics, and allowed us to tailor feedback to be appropriate for each student. We will discuss our motivation in more depth and detail oral quizzes as we implemented them. Finally we reflect on the instructional method and consider how oral quizzes can be improved and modified for other c lasses. We found oral quizzes to be very successful, and we believe they can be adapted to suit nearly any college math class.
Mathematical Militaris
Lisa Bromberg, Michael Steward, "Reflection on Oral Quizzes". Mathematica Militaris, Volume 23. 2018.