From crisis to opportunity: practices and technologies for a more effective post-COVID classroom

In our post-pandemic world, where the majority of higher education institutions have transitioned back to in-person classes, this paper argues that we must not return to pre-COVID teaching practices. Instead, we have the obligation and opportunity to create an educational experience and environment that better facilitates learning and instruction. This paper presents post-COVID best practices for employing technology in higher education based on an original survey and follow-up interviews of seventeen computing instructors at our institution. After a literature review, we describe four general categories of practices that enhance the post-COVID classroom: online student activities, digital instructor notes, remote classroom participation and collaboration, and a paperless classroom. For each of these categories, we provide vignettes to illustrate scope and intent. We also offer recommendations for addressing digital dishonesty, required infrastructure, institutional support, and being prepared to seamlessly return to a blended or fully remote environment in the event of another crisis. Finally, we identify additional emerging technological challenges and opportunities that require further effort. Overall, this paper emphasizes the need for a shift towards improved practices in the classroom rather than just a return to pre-pandemic norms. We believe implementing these recommendations will result in a more flexible, accessible, and robust post-COVID educational experience.
COVID- 19, Digital teaching practices, Computer aided instruction, Teaching, Educational technology, Paperless classroom, Digital lecture notes, Online student activities
Regnier, J., Shafer, E., Sobiesk, E. et al. From crisis to opportunity: practices and technologies for a more effective post-COVID classroom. Educ Inf Technol (2023).