Deriving a Solution to Venezuela: Civil-Military Relations Can Help

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Small Wars Journal
How does one define “healthy” civil-military relations? The simplest definition would suggest a nation’s military is subordinate to its ruling body. In other words, the guys with all the guns listens to those without any. So how then would we evaluate this relationship in a country like Venezuela? The military has remained loyal and subordinate to the ruling body, so does it meet the criteria? It is providing the only real stability for the country despite the questionable legitimacy of this government. Our starting definition is thus far too simple. And yet, when you add layers of complexity or depth to the discussion, it becomes difficult to grade the health of a particular nation’s civil-military relations. Comparative analysis is difficult if not impossible in the field of civil-military relations.
Civil Military Relationships, Venezuela
Fust, George. "Deriving a Solution to Venezuela: Civil-Military Relations Can Help". Small Wars Journal, 2019.