On the Analysis of the Aerodynamic Heating Problem

A complete analytical solution to the problem of aerodynamic heating is lacking in heat transfer textbooks, which are used for undergraduate and graduate education. There are many issues that are very important from a convective heat transfer point of view. In practice, poor analyses lead to poor design, thus faulty manufacturing. Since, over the years analysis has given way to numerical studies, the instructors do not take the necessary time to go through analytical details. Thus the students just use the results without any awareness of how to get them and the inherent limitations of the analytical solution. The only intent of this paper, therefore, is to present the detailed analytical study of the aerodynamic heating problem.
Convection, Heating, Heat transfer
Arnas, A. Ö., Boettner, D. D., Tamm, G., Norberg, S. A., Whipple, J. R., Benson, M. J., and VanPoppel, B. P. (September 20, 2010). "On the Analysis of the Aerodynamic Heating Problem." ASME. J. Heat Transfer. December 2010; 132(12): 124501. https://doi.org/10.1115/1.4001754