The Flaw of Immediate Cyber Counter Strikes

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Strategic Analysis
The paradigm for the growing interest for militarized cyber operations is seeking an ability to be able to strike back and launch cyber counter strikes. In this short commentary, we will challenge this view based on the argument that it leads to a contra-productive tit-for-tat game with no decisive or deterrent outcome. Our argument is that cyber attacks are information, which an initially passive targeted society can gather to refine and consolidate their cyber security and over time receive an advantage over the initial attacker. Therefore, a restrained posture would be beneficial if utilized for refinement, information gathering, development, and preparing for enhanced abilities to cyber counter strike once an advantage is reached.
Cyber operations, Cyber Warfare
Jan Kallberg & Rosemary A. Burk (2017) The Flaw of Immediate Cyber Counter Strikes, Strategic Analysis, 41:5, 510-514, DOI: 10.1080/09700161.2017.1343265