On Demand Learning Augmenting The Traditional Classroom

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On-Demand Learning – Augmenting the Traditional Classroom: Details on the Effectiveness of Short, Simple, Instructor-Made Videos in an Engineering Course Abstract In the spring of 2007, short, focused, instructor-made videos intended to supplement classroom presentations were successfully incorporated as an additional learning resource in the last half of a fundamentals of engineering course at the United States Military Academy. Based on the success of this introduction, the use of these videos was dramatically expanded in the same course for the Fall 2008 semester. A detailed study of the effectiveness of this resource was undertaken, and this paper reports the effectiveness of this resource on academic performance and student perceptions of learning. We discuss usage trends and preferences throughout the semester as students discovered and acclimated to having additional instruction available whenever and wherever they were studying. The paper also discusses the usage of the video resource based on learning styles and previous academic performance. It is clear that visual or sequential learners are not the only ones who like this resource; the videos were equally used by global and verbal learners. Another concern addressed is the hypothesis that growing the use of video will lead students to abandon textbooks and other traditional resources in favor of watching videos and “pattern matching.” This concern proved invalid during the semester – students still used multiple resources to study and prepare assignments, including their textbook. The observation from Spring 2007 that watching these videos improves students’ perception of learning as well as their academic performance was corroborated on a broader scale in Fall 2008. The academic benefit is quantified using a predictor of performance based on students’ grade point average at the start of the semester. It is shown that those students who made use of the videos improved their academic performance as compared to those who chose not to use the videos. The authors conclude that significant benefit can be gained by creating and posting short, simple, instructor-made videos.
Instructor-made videos, Engineering
Bruhl, J., & Klosky, J. L., & Bristow, E. (2008, June), On Demand Learning Augmenting The Traditional Classroom Paper presented at 2008 Annual Conference & Exposition, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 10.18260/1-2--3776