Report: West Point Undergraduate Historical Review Spring 2012

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Report is a non-profit publication produced by undergraduate cadets at the United States Military Academy. It accepts and encourages submissions from undergraduates year-round. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.
Editor-In-Chief: Steven Stringfellow, Military History Editors: Ellen Chamberlain, Literature (Russian); Tara Lacson, International History; Sean McQuade, International History; Peter Mitchell, International History; Kevin Rutherford, Military History; Julia Schemel, American History; Austen Boroff, International History; Erin Mauldin, International History; Tyler Mazda, Military History Authors: Evolution Of The Ethnic Policy Of The Chinese Communist Party by Erin Mauldin; Columbia’s Washington: How Simon Bolivar Defeated The Spanish Empire by Brad Neaton; From Chivalry To Cavalry: The Development Of French Cavalry During The Early Modern Period by Thomas Milligan; Controlled Chaos: Why The Revolution In Zanzibar Was Not Genocide by Carl Rios; Sanctioned Discrimination: Church Complicity In The Rwandan Genocide by Tara Lacson; Winning Over The Tribes In Mandate Trans-Jordan: Security, Economics, Identity, And Chance by Karl Schoch; To Hell With Integrity: Why Major League Baseball’s Lack Of Self-Regulation Forced Congress To Become Involved In Its Drug Testing Policy by Dan Prial
Report West Point Undergraduate Historical Review Volume 2, Issue 2; Spring 2012