Assessing the Impact of New Teaching Methods by Predicting Student Performance

Many teachers try new things in the classroom with the intent of making learning more effective. In most cases, assessment of the impact is anecdotal; the teacher surveys the students about the new technique and draws conclusions based on their feedback. In order to more definitively prove the impact, better assessment tools are needed. In a recent study, the authors attempted to predict performance in a course and then measure the improvement due to a major change in the available resources for study outside the classroom in our fundamentals of engineering course. To measure the effectiveness, we used the GPA of the students at the start of the semester to predict their performance in the course. We then assessed the impact by comparing actual grades in the course to the predicted grades. Using historical data as a baseline, we thus conclude with some certainty the amount of impact our change made in academic performance. This paper focuses on the method of assessment and measurement rather than the classroom changes.
Student performance, Teaching methods
Bruhl, Jakob C., Bristow, Elizabeth, Klosky, James Ledlie. "Assessing the Impact of New Teaching Methods by Predicting Student Performance". ASEE, 2008.