New Defenses for the Hybrid Battlefield

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Army Cyber Institute
Defenses used in military operations today are not prepared for the attacks that modern technology can mount. The destruction caused using drones, electronic warfare, and others means was demonstrated to be extremely lethal in recent engagements such as Syria, Armenia, the Ukraine. There are techniques readily available to help protect NATO forces against these threats and others that require additional research and development. To prepare for the modern battlefield, NATO forces must alter their training and equipment or risk significant attrition. This paper will explore the threats of the hybrid battlefield and make recommendations on how to update our tactics to protect against them. As our forces re-focus from counter-insurgency operations to peer-competitors, our training and operations need to evolve. Merely dusting off the Cold War field manuals and reverting to training center high-intensity scenarios is not sufficient for the hybrid battlefield. The changes proposed can and should be implemented quickly to defeat these existing and emerging threats.
Electronic Warfare
Maxwell, Paul. "New Defenses for the Hybrid Battlefield". 2021.