Jack Voltaic Critical Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships

A city is experiencing an increasing number of seemingly random incidents. A major financial institution suffers system failures, sending shockwaves through the markets. Workers struggle to keep the public transportation system operating as critical control systems fail. Social media reports of terrorist attacks incite panic. The city’s first response capability begins to strain. Regional medical facilities are at capacity. The media struggles to inform an increasingly concerned public. Elected leaders and emergency response leadership gather in the city’s emergency operations center to analyze the situation and respond. A sinister reality emerges when a foreign terrorist group claims that the city is under siege from cyberspace.
Cyber Security
Mitchell, Erica; Bell, Patrick; Hall, Andrew; Kelley, Terence; Kavaney, Mary; Butler, Robert; Monken, Jonathan; Bennett, Daniel; Maymi, Fernando; Korn, Erik; Nussbaum, Brian; Pfiefer, Joseph; Kramer, Frank; Lawton-Belous, Joshua; Hernandez, Rhett; Nowatkowski, Michael; Gordon-Tennant, Courtney; and Esquibel, Judy, "Jack Voltaic Critical Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships" (2019).