Prisoners and Politics: Western Hostage Taking by Militant Groups

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Hostage taking of Westerners by militant groups has increased since 9/11. Despite this rising problem, there has been little academic research on how a hostage’s individual characteristics influence the outcome of the incident. Using a newly collected dataset of over 1,000 individuals taken hostage in incidents involving terrorist groups since 2001, this article evaluates how individual, national, and group characteristics influence the likelihood that hostage incidents end with the release or execution of the hostage. The findings show that a hostage’s nationality and occupation are significant individual-level drivers of outcomes, while the nature of the militant group itself also matters.
Hostage Taking, Militant Groups, Negotiation Policy
Seth Loertscher & Daniel Milton (2018) Prisoners and Politics: Western Hostage Taking by Militant Groups, Democracy and Security, 14:1, 1-23, DOI: 10.1080/17419166.2017.1380523