The Critical Pick: A Crane Rigging Demonstration

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This demonstration, an application of static equilibrium and geometry knowledge, depicts the importance of rigging angles during crane lift operations on a construction site. Reducing rigging angles results in a significant amplification of forces in the rigging, potentially leading to failure. By varying the connection points and sling length, students will be able to calculate the predicted forces and analyze the best combination of connection points and sling lengths to successfully complete the critical lift. The forces in rigging (sling, chain, wire rope, webbing, shackles, etc.) increase substantially as the angle formed by the sling leg and the horizontal datum becomes smaller. The key engineering principle with this demonstration is related to an understanding of statics. Students must comprehend that decreasing the angle creates a horizontal force component that increases the tension in the rigging. The demonstration takes 15-20 minutes to complete in class.
Crane lift operations, Geometry knowledge, Static equilibrium
Flaherty, D. M. (2019, June), The Critical Pick: A Crane Rigging Demonstration Paper presented at 2019 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition , Tampa, Florida. 10.18260/1-2--33377