Improving Mission Assurance Assessments for Resilience of Military Installations

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American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
It is critical to improve the resilience of military installations and their complex infrastructure systems to strengthen response to the uncertainty and threat driven by the increasing frequency and severity of natural and human-made disasters. This research addresses a considerable gap in the existing Department of Defense (DOD) Mission Assurance Framework between the infrastructure assessment process and resilience considerations, and integrates a resilience matrix that converts qualitative assessment data into a quantifiable and interactive resilience decision support tool. The integration of the resilience matrix provides a quantitative visual tool to communicate the impact of decisions made using the tradespace analysis. This methodology provides a framework to improve the selection of projects that enhance the resilience of military infrastructure systems and assist decision makers in understanding how a single project may influence the resilience of multiple systems. The results of this research, which were built for a specific installation, are broadly applicable and can support engineers in the design and/or management of infrastructure systems to improve resilience in an efficient manner.
Department of Defense (DOD) Mission Assurance Framework
Richards et al., “Improving Mission Assurance Assessments for Resilience of Military Installations.”