Design of SC Walls Subjected to Impactive Loading for Local and Global Demands

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Steel-plate composite (SC) walls have been shown experimentally to have excellent resistance to impactive loading, such as from impacts resulting from internally generated missiles, external hurricane borne missiles, or other extreme event missiles. This is a significant advantage for SC walls, and also one of the primary reasons for their increasing use in safety-related nuclear facilities. This paper presents a comprehensive review and evaluation of the missile impact resistance of SC walls. This paper reviews design recommendations to prevent perforation (i.e. local failure) and assessment methodologies to estimate total and global displacement (i.e. global response) of SC walls subject to impact loads. This paper also describes numerical modelling methods to predict local and global behaviour and provides design recommendations for research engineers and design professionals in the nuclear power and protective construction industries.
Steel-plate composite (SC) walls, Impactive loading
Kim, Bruhl, and Varma, “Design of SC Walls Subjected to Impactive Loading for Local and Global Demands.” 2015