A Case of Collaboration: USMA Library's Tiny Art Show “Magnificent Miniatures”

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In academic libraries, departments can be siloed and unaware of each other's activities. However, when colleagues stretch beyond these "walled gardens" the results can yield creative projects and a rewarding experience for students, faculty, and staff. This case study will present a successful initiative at the USMA Library: The Tiny Art Show “Magnificent Miniatures.” Several librarians with different and discrete roles worked together to create a passive library program, market that program across campus and then produce a major art exhibit. This collaboration allowed cadets to create original artwork and engage with one another, the exhibit, and the library collection in a unique and scholarly way. Ultimately, this art exhibit was digitized, which provided further engagement outside of the library and across the wider campus community. Participants will learn ways to adapt this program to their library, including scaling this program up or down.
Library Programming, Library Outreach, Library Exhibits, Archival Engagement, Passive Programming
Chess, Jennifer, Lisa Gomez, and Lori Mullooly. “A Case of Collaboration: USMA Library’s Tiny Art Show ‘Magnificent Miniatures.’” Presented at the SENYCon 2023, Highland, NY, April 14, 2023.