The Utility of Civil-Military Relations for Intelligence Professionals

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Military Intelligence
You are the unit intelligence officer and your boss has tasked you with generating a country study for country “X.” Your boss wants relevant information to help the decision-making process. He doesn’t want the typical tourist snap-shot you generated last time. He wants depth and rigor. He needs to know how the unit’s actions will influence the host nation government. What long-term effects will occur? Who are the key influencers in the government? How does the government and society function? What central levers exist to accomplish the objective? Too often, the focus is on the tactical and operational levels, and these domains take precedence over the strategic. An understanding of civil-military relations can help provide the answers to the questions your boss didn’t know he needed.
Intelligence Officer, Civil-Military Relations
Fust, M. G. The Utility of Civil-Military Relations for Intelligence Professionals. 2020.