Scaling characteristics of photonic crystal verticle-cavity lasers

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This study shows that photonic crystal vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers exhibit improved optical confinement and resultant scaling of laser properties, as well as single fundamental mode operation over a wide range of device structure parameters. Single fundamental mode operation is achieved for a wide range of device parameters. The use of photonic crystal confinement, in which the etched holes and light propagation are parallel, provides a means for significantly reducing the modal volume of microcavity lasers.
Photonic crystals, Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers, Apertures, Optical refraction, Optical variables control, Surface emitting lasers, Laser modes, Etching, Optical devices, Distributed Bragg reflectors
A. Danner, J. Raftery, P. Leisher and K. D. Choquette, "Scaling characteristics of photonic crystal vertical-cavity lasers," The 17th Annual Meeting of the IEEELasers and Electro-Optics Society, 2004. LEOS 2004., Rio Grande, PR, USA, 2004, pp. 178-179 Vol.1, doi: 10.1109/LEOS.2004.1363169.