6G Systems and the Future of Multidimensional Attack Planes

In the coming decade, future threats from attacks on 6G communications systems appear in four categories or groups. The threats are specific to government, military, and critical infrastructure. In many ways, 6G promises to serve as the catalyst to the utopian world that science fiction has conditioned western society to envision and pursue. As such, we describe futures in 2030 where 6G has fully permeated human lives. However, a paradox emerges where the journey to achieve this connected state further isolated humans, and comes at a cost of privacy and increased vulnerabilities. More astoundingly is society’s apparent ignorance of these risks. In short, while 6G may not generate unimaginable technologies, there is a toxic side of humanity that is not being recognized, while it is simultaneously surrendering its power.
6G, Next Gen Wireless, Foresight, Threatcasting, Interconnected World, Future Threats
Palochak et al., “6G Systems and the Future of Multidimensional Attack Planes.”