Coordinating IBL and non-IBL Calculus II

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United States Service Academies
Increasing amounts of research support the efficacy of inquiry and projects based learning. However, teaching via inquiry can be challenging for an individual instructor to adopt in a highly coordinated environment where a course is taught by multiple instructors, and all sections are expected to follow a common syllabus and take a common final exam. In this paper, we describe our efforts to make space for an inquiry approach to teaching calculus within this constrained environment where the new approach is not adopted by all instructors. Our efforts started with the collection, adaption and development of materials to cover the topics already defined for the course. We piloted our materials with a small group of instructors in the first semester and then opened up the materials to other instructors in subsequent semesters. We have now implemented this method over the past four semesters. Through this process we have shown that the integration of inquiry methods and projects within the pedagogy of individual instructors can be effective, but efforts should be taken to ensure the timing of instruction and coverage of materials is comparable to the efforts of colleagues teaching via lecture methods.
Mathematica Militaris
Allman, Justin; Hetherington, Noble III; Ksir, Amy; and Selbach-Allen, Megan (2018) "Coordinating IBL and non-IBL Calculus II," Mathematica Militaris: Vol. 23.