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West Point Press
Letter from the Editors: "We are pleased to introduce the inaugural edition of the West Point Journal of Politics and Security (WPJPS). WPJPS is an undergraduate journal based in the Department of Social Sciences at the U.S. Military Academy (West Point). Published annually online and in print, it aims to be the premiere publication in the United States for undergraduate research on topics germane to U.S. and international political and security interests, broadly defined. To that end, WPJPS aims to showcase innovative undergraduate research from West Point and non-West Point undergraduates, primarily situated in political science and security studies, but extending into economics, history, sociology, and area studies..."
Editors-in-Chief: Amira Jadoon, Ph.D. Jason Warner, Ph.D. Editor-at-Large: Kristina Hummel Cadet Editors: CDT Javier Fernandez CDT Amir Udler CDT Nicholas Kramer CDT Pedro Santiago Bonilla Faculty Reviewers: MAJ Jessica Dawson, Ph.D. MAJ Michael Duda Nakissa Jahanbani, Ph.D. Hugh Liebert, Ph.D. LTC Michael Rosol, Ph.D. MAJ Sally White, Ph.D. MAJ Kyle Wolfely, Ph.D.
Political Science and Security Studies
West Point Journal of Politics and Security 1, no. 1 (2021)