Wait, I’m tagged?! Toward AR in Project Aquaticus

Human-robot teaming to perform complex tasks in a large environment is limited by the human’s ability to make informed decisions. We aim to use augmented reality to convey critical information to the human to reduce cognitive workload and increase situational awareness. By bridging previous Project Aquaticus work to virtual reality in Unity 3D, we are creating a testbed to easily and repeatedly measure the effectiveness of augmented reality information display solutions to support competitive gameplay. We expect the human-robot teaming performance to be improved due to the increased situational awareness and reduced stress that the augmented reality data display provides.
Augmented Reality (AR), Human-Robot Interaction, Virtual Reality, Situational Awareness, Simulation
Nicholas H. Franck, Christa M. Chewar, Michael Novitzky, and Christopher Korpela. 2020. Wait, I’m tagged?! Toward AR in Project Aquaticus. In HRIVAMR ’20: Workshop on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality for HumanRobot Interaction, March 23, 2020, Cambridge, UK. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 5 pages. https://doi.org/10.1145/1122445.1122456