Integrating Autonomous Systems into Military Units

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Industrial and Systems Engineering Review (ISER)
Autonomous systems are the future of military warfare and must be carefully employed to hold the advantage in technological advances. In an effort to measure the capabilities of autonomous systems within military units, this study analyzes the effects an autonomous system has while integrated into an Army Infantry unit. Using combat modeling software, a constructive reality modeled breaching and fires mission scenarios to determine the effects an autonomous system may have within a unit. Within the model limitations, statistical analysis supported that an autonomous system has a general impact on increasing a unit’s lethality and survivability. These statistically significant conclusions support that autonomous systems should be integrated within military units since these systems have a strong, positive impact on unit effectiveness. Additional data analysis and extending the analysis to other combat scenarios is crucial in applying these conclusions outside of the tested scenarios.
Autonomous System, Combat Modeling, Warfighting Function
Kelley, J., & Mittal, V. (2021). Integrating Autonomous Systems into Military Units. Industrial and Systems Engineering Review, 8(1), 59-67.