Report: West Point Undergraduate Historical Review, Volume 011 (Spring 2021)

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    Report: West Point Undergraduate Historical Review, Volume 11 (Spring 2021)
    (West Point Press, 2021) Editing Team
    Report is a non-profit publication produced by undergraduate cadets at the United States Military Academy. It accepts and encourages submissions from undergraduates in the fall and spring. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.
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    Front Matter
    (West Point Press, 2021) Editing Team
    The Editorial Board would like to thank the faculty of the History Department for their submission recommendations, all the students who submitted papers, and Major Louisa Koebrich and Captain Tom McShea for their advice and guidance on historical scholarship. Without their help, Report would not have been possible.
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    Eros In Arms: An Examination Of Pederastic Practices And The Ephebeia As Systems Of Civic And Martial Training In Classical Athens
    (West Point Press, 2021) Voss, Harrison
    "Coming-of-age institutions within any society elucidate a number of values central to that culture’s conception of adulthood and one’s transition into it. The ephebeia of fifth/fourth century classical Athens proved no exception. The fourth century Ephebic Oath, though with linguistic links to the fifth and potentially earlier, ascribe a number of values pertinent to the coming-of-age Athenian male..."
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    Scheming, Scandal, Threats, Press, And Disunion In The Presidential Election Of 1800
    (West Point Press, 2021) Hogan, William
    "On February 11th, 1801, the President of the Senate stood before the combined House of Representatives and Senate and announced the electoral votes for the presidential election of 1800. Those in the room and Americans at large were not surprised, as many had predicted the count with relative certainty in December..."
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    Resurrection & Redemption: How The Second Coming Of The Ku Klux Klan Shaped American Religion, Politics, And Culture In The Progressive Era
    (West Point Press, 2021) Patterson, Sean
    "In 1915 The New York Times hailed David Wark Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation as “an impressive new illustration of the scope of the motion picture camera…” going on to explain how the film’s best scenes are those that follow “the night riding of the men of the Ku Klux Klan, who look like a company of avenging spectral crusaders sweeping along the moonlit roads.” Griffith’s motion picture achieved such success that he would be invited to a special screening of the film at the White House, one month before the Times published its review..."
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    Mark Clark’s Command Of The 5th Army At The Rapido River
    (West Point Press, 2021) Brabston, Robert
    "General Mark Clark’s command of the 5th Army during the Italian Campaign of World War II is among the most controversial commands of the entire war. The American 36th Infantry division, which was apportioned to the 5th Army, was repeatedly engaged in sharp combat during this campaign. However, their bloodiest fight would come on the 22nd of January 1944 during the attempt to cross the Rapido River. Mark Clark intended to use the already battle weary 36th Infantry Division to make up the main assault that break the Gustav line..."
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    Angels Of War: The Impact Of The Airborne Force During The Recapture Of Corregidor
    (West Point Press, 2021) Marco, Anthony
    "General Walter Krueger, commanding US 6th Army, determined that the capture of the island Corregidor was necessary to accessing the port at Manila.1 In 1945, Corregidor—previously an American fortress until captured by the Japanese in 1942—guarded the entrance to Manila Bay. 6th Army intelligence assessed the Japanese garrison consisted of approximately 850 combatants..."
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    The Quiet Diplomat: Henry Kissinger, The Bengali Genocide, And The Anatomy Of Crisis In The Nixon White House, 1969–1971
    (West Point Press, 2021) Chen, Brian
    "Henry Kissinger remains, for good reason, the object of much historical fascination. His biography traces the extraordinary ascent of a Jewish refugee from Nazi Bavaria to the west wing of the White House..."
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    What Should We Teach Our Children?: The Vietnam War In Vietnamese History Textbooks, 1975-2000
    (West Point Press, 2021) Hien, Lam Thieu (Ethan)
    "The massive body of literature devoted to the Vietnam War testifies to its pivotal status in American and Vietnamese histories. Yet, it faces a historiographical dilemma. Documentation on the conflict continues to be mostly dominated by American scholars, who utilize American and South Vietnamese perspectives. Even as growing segments of these scholars attempt to introduce mainland Vietnamese perspectives into the conversation, these works continue to downplay how the contemporary Vietnamese communist regime understands the conflict. Simultaneously, the lack of Vietnamese language sources readily available in English and general distrust towards these sources exacerbated the one-sidedness of the conflict’s historiography. Such a distorted view does not help to advance scholarly understanding of the country and its ties with the conflict. At the same time, it disregards the complexities of Vietnam’s relationship with communism and the dynamics of everyday communist experiences..."