Report: West Point Undergraduate Historical Review, Volume 005, Issue 1 (Fall 2014)

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    Report: West Point Undergraduate Historical Review, Volume 5, Issue 1 (Fall 2014)
    (West Point Press, 2014) Editing Team
    Report is a non-profit publication produced by undergraduate cadets at the United States Military Academy. It accepts and encourages submissions from undergraduates in the fall and spring. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.
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    Front Matter
    (West Point Press, 2014) Editing Team
    The Editorial Board would like to thank the faculty of the History Department for their submission recommendations, all the students who submitted papers, and Captain Mark Ehlers and Captain Jon Romaneski for their extensive guidance and technical support. Without their help, Report would not have been possible.
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    In The Shadow of An Empire: Military Reforms of The Russian Federation
    (West Point Press, 2014) Meredith, Jake Edward
    Jake Edward Meredith is a senior studying Political Science, History, and Entrepreneurship at Wake Forest University. Before Wake Forest, he attended the Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA. He wrote this paper during the spring semester of 2014 for his Politics in Russia & Eastern Europe course. Jake was inspired to research Russian military reform by the concurrent invasion of the Ukraine, and thanks Dr. Welsh for her guidance over the semester.
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    A Soft Landing: China and The Asian Financial Crisis
    (West Point Press, 2014) Wentz, Meghan
    Meghan Wentz is a senior studying international history and economics at the United States Military Academy. She wrote this paper in fulfillment of a requirement for a course on the history of China.
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    Colonial Photographs as Agents of Imperial History: Felice Beato And The Aftermath Of The Sepoy Rebellion Of 1857
    (West Point Press, 2014) Quinn, Mckenzie
    A History major with a correlate in Art History at Vassar College, McKenzie Quinn was intrigued by the influence that photography had on the collective memory of the British after the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857. Having written her final research paper for a British Empire history class on the topic of Felice Beato's 19th-century colonial photography in India, she decided to explore how Beato's photographs functioned as active agents in the construction of an imperial history that ultimately perpetuated colonial systems of British superiority.
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    Pre-Revolutionary Nationalism in American Taverns
    (West Point Press, 2014) Kanuka, Madeline
    Madeline is a third year Honors History Major and Political Science Minor at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. While taking a seminar on the history of coffeehouses and substances in Europe, she became interested in the unique public sphere that sprang up around beverages. A dual American/Canadian citizen focusing on American History in Canada, Madeline decided to look abroad and was intrigued to find out just how influential tavern culture had been in shaping an American identity and encouraging military mobilization before the American Revolution.
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    The Clean Campaigns: Tropical Medicine and The British Army During World War One
    (West Point Press, 2014) Lynch, Kathleen
    Kathleen Lynch received her Bachelor of Arts in History (Honors) from the University of Connecticut in May 2013. She concentrated on European history during the twentieth century. She chose this particular topic for her thesis because, as a history and anthropology major with a minor in biology, she was very interested in studying the intersections between empire, medicine, and cultural ideas of health. She found that while historians have extensively studied British use of tropical medicine during the colonial period, as well as medical advancements during WWI, there has not been much research done on the role tropical medicine played on the non-western fronts of the war; in other words, how the colonial dynamic affected military medicine at this time. Her research sought to fill this gap in the existing historiography.