Report: West Point Undergraduate Historical Review, Volume 004, Issue 1 (Fall 2013)

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    Report: West Point Undergraduate Historical Review Volume 4, Issue 1 (Fall 2013)
    (West Point Press, 2013) Editing Team; N/A
    Report is a non-profit publication produced by undergraduate cadets at the United States Military Academy. It accepts and encourages submissions from undergraduates year-round. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.
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    Front Matter
    (West Point Press, 2013) Editing Team
    The Editorial Board would like to thank the faculty of the History Department for their submission recommendations, all the students who submitted papers, and Major Andrew Forney for his extensive guidance and technical support. Without their help, Report would not have been possible.
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    A Mouthful of Bible and a Pelt Oozing Piety
    (West Point Press, 2013) Mauldin, Erin; N/A
    Erin A.T. Mauldin is a senior studying International History at the United States Military Academy. She wrote this paper for a course about the history of world religions. Erin was interested in exploring the conflicting ways in which Christianity was used to motivate and legitimize European actions in Africa.
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    ”Are These Cats Red?” The Black Panther Party as a Chapter of the International Communist Revolution
    (West Point Press, 2013) Kopel, Charles; Schrecker, Ellen
    Charles Kopel is a senior studying History at Yeshiva University. He wrote this paper for a Fall 2012 American History course, under the guidance of Dr. Ellen Schrecker, the course instructor and a renowned historian of the Cold War era. For his senior honors thesis, Charles continues to examine twentieth-century racial tensions in the history of American social attitudes toward the Native tribes.
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    Making Better Babies: The Early 20th Century Eugenics Movement in America
    (West Point Press, 2013) Leary, Carly; N/A
    Carly Leary is a junior studying History and Spanish at the United States Naval Academy. This paper was written for a history seminar class on Theodore Roosevelt and his times taught by Dr. Lori Bogle. Carly took a particular interest in the eugenics movement and better babies contests when her professor mentioned the topic in class.
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    Show Me a Happy Homosexual
    (West Point Press, 2013) Giunichigliani, Michaela N.; N/A
    Michaela N. Giunchigliani is a sophomore studying Cinema and Journalism at the Clark Honors College, University of Oregon. She wrote this paper for a research course on how memory shapes history. She is deeply interested in the connection between the power of film in its portrayal of the human condition and the image of subjugated populations.
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    Revolution and Union: British Foreign Policy in Newly Independent Zanzibar, 1964
    (West Point Press, 2013) Prunosa, Clara Lopez; N/A
    Clara Lopez Prunonosa is a recent International Relations & History graduate from the London School of Economics. She has always been passionate about East Africa and decided to focus her undergraduate dissertation on what really happened behind the scenes in the aftermath of decolonisation. Zanzibar provides an interesting and surprising answer to that question, and Clara hopes this paper will make other students rethink the way we study African politics.
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    Even the Flowers are Killed: Imagining Poison Gas in Allied Newspapers, 1915-1919
    (West Point Press, 2013) Borkowski, Nicholas C.; N/A
    Nicholas Borkowski is a senior History Major at Swarthmore College. He wrote this paper for the class, “Living with Total War: Europe, 1912-1923,” taught by professor Pieter M. Judson. The paper investigates the popular press coverage of poison gas in World War I.
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    Freedom at Midnight? The Origins of the Divergent Politico-Military Trajectories in India and Pakistan
    (West Point Press, 2013) Neal, Malik; N/A
    Malik Neal graduated from College of the Holy Cross in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in History with a concentration in Asian Studies. He is currently a Fulbright Junior Research Scholar in Sri Lanka. This paper was taken from his thesis for the Spring 2012 Holy Cross Washington Semester Program, where he interned in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, specifically with then Ranking Member, Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN).